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Alex Dick-Read

Sunrise over Tua Pajet, just north of Pagai in the Mentawai islands, where the 25th October tsunami struck. In the south of the island chain, intensive relief efforts are underway, helped by SurfAid whose knowledge of the area is unmatched, even by the Indonesian government.

27 October 2010
A 7.5 magnitude earthquake has struck just south of the Mentawai Islands sending a 2-3 metre (6-10 foot) tsunami into the southern island of Pagai Selatan. The quake hit at 9.42pm local time on Monday 25 October.
SurfAid International is launching an emergency appeal in response to the devastating tsunami that hit the Mentawai Islands, off West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Right now we are delivering emergency relief supplies and assessing the needs of the people who have been affected by the tsunami. We need your support now to help the people of the Mentawai islands.
“We are the ‘local’ International NGO in the Mentawai” says Andrew Judge, CEO. “We have provided population and GPS data to the Indonesian govt and are performing a comprehensive assessment. We have already shipped substantial shelter and hygiene materials.”
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Surf Related Villages Affected by Tsunami

Monga Bosua-Gobik (CBHP villages)
Surf Break
Bintangs and Lances Left
10 died. 80% houses badly damaged

Tumale and Sabeugungung
Surf Break
“The Hole” Southern South Pagai
Area nearest epicenter.
Tumale completely destroyed. 1 death.
Sabeugungung completely destroyed. 50 dead, 150 missing presumed dead.

Surf Break
Severe damage

Surf Break
Surfer resort destroyed- Midas charter boat destroyed and surfers swept 200 meters inland but no one hurt in the village

Other Villages West Coast of North Pagai
Surf Break
Maccaronis and Thunders
Severe damage-awaiting full assessment, Sikakap
Main harbour town near Maccaronis
200 mod-severely injured people awaiting care in local hospital. Two died awaiting care.

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