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Billabong Pipe Masters 2010 Finals

15:18 19th December 2010 by Alex Dick-Read

French lad Jeremy Flores won last week’s Pipe Masters event in inconsistent but perfect-when-it-came Backdoor.
Here’s the final which, let’s face it, belonged to widely respected Backdoor/OTW charger Kieran Perrow who made one small mistake with only a couple of minutes left, allowing the hungry Frenchman an event-winning foot in the door. All credit to Jeremy, whose tube riding throughout the event was vraiment fantastique.

  1. BichouX

    “Here’s the final which, let’s face it, belonged to widely respected Backdoor/OTW charger Kieran Perrow, who made one small mistake (…) ”

    Sorry guys, but it was a HUGE mistake!!! He didn’t pick up the right wave, and Jeremy did. That’s the surfing contest rules basic > biggest, cleanest waves with best manoeuvers give the best scores.

    So the TRUE winner of the 2010 Pipe Master is JEREMY FLORES, no need to argue (and if you want to argue, think about the Slater elimination in the semis…)

  2. Tony Carson

    I thought Surfer’s Path didn’t cover competition, one reason I occasionally buy the mag. If you follow competition, or care who’s better than some one else, you have been brainwashed by the surf companies, {Quickdollas ect.} and the mags. Competition has never been a part of the true surfing experience. Surfing is about catching waves, hanging out at the beach with your friends, feeling the salt water, and the sand beneath your feet, and all the other good vibes that go along with it. If you follow or care about this crap, {competition}, your spending way too much time being an armchair surfer, when you should be in the water, actually catching some waves. Tony Carson Big Island

    1. Alex Dick-Read

      Hey, here’s our editorial position – it’s ok to enjoy watching good surfers surf great waves. Each to their own. That’s all.


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