Bra Boys

“Bra Boys” is a film about the cultural evolution of the inner-Sydney beachside suburb of Maroubra and the social struggle of its youth – the tattooed and much maligned surf community known as the Bra Boys. The story is narrated by Australian actor Russell Crowe and is told through the eyes of members of the Bra Boys.

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Bra Boys

A Film by Sunny Abberton

Narrated By Russell Crowe

Bra Boys

A semi-crap novelist could make this up. It would make a barely believable, but quite good pulp thriller, with a slim chance of becoming a Hollywood C movie. Here’s the outline: Poor Australian suburb kids with drug-addicted single parent are saved by the loyalty and brotherhood of their surf crew, the Bra Boys. Two of the brothers become international surf stars – a ticket out of the ghetto – but they stay loyal to the gang, maintaining their heavy rep on the streets and beaches. Pretty soon one goes down on a murder charge, and the other for conspiring to pervert justice. Serious time looms. Then come the race riots, and half the world thinks the Brah Boys are the small-minded xenophobes who started it. There’s blood on the streets and drama in the courtroom, and throughout, there’s heart-pumping surf, particularly at “Ours”, one of Australia’s meanest waves. In the end, of course, it all comes good because the brothers go free and the main character, a chunky kid named Koby Abberton, brokers peace between the warring race-riot parties, so the Bra Boys are acclaimed heroes throughout the world, leaving them free to win respect and riches for just being them, and for riding the biggest, most dangerous waves on the planet.

It’s no pulpy fiction, this one. It’s all true. Not just an A grade surf film, Bra Boys is one of the best documentary films in years. Watch it.