Dan Aykroyd and John Bellushi take Brian Wilson Surfing?

Cops citation to Beach Boy for breaking the California Catch a Wave Statute and “Failing to surf. Neglecting to use a state beach for surfing purposes, and otherwise avoiding surfboards, surfing and surf.”
For a Beachboy, that’s a crime.

Thanks to Tim Rainger for throwing this one out there.

  1. Saltwater

    Really. What a sad and stupid video.

  2. tony (ty) carson big isalnd

    Ya, kind of a dumb video and some of the Beach Boys didn’t even surf. But God bless Brian and the Beach Boys, their music did capture a lot of the vibes, stoke, and innocence of the 60s and 70s and even today. “CATCH A WAVE AND YOUR SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD.”


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